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Car Parking

Car Parking at Cryfield

Due to a large amount of ongoing works at the new residences at Cryfield Village and the conversion of an existing car park to a dedicated coach car park plus the loss of the Milking Parlour parking your options are now somewhat more limited than in previous seasons.

Your main choices are Car Park 6 near the Health Centre and the Bluebell residences, the new Lakeside Village Car Park or parking up at the Cryfield Sports Pavilion if enough space exists (10 formal spaces, plus 2 disabled bays) and you ask for a Cryfield Patron Pass.

To park in the Lakeside Village Car Park, a special Lakeside Village Permit must be displayed.

Lakeside Village Permits are free and can be collected from Cryfield Sports Pavilion Reception, so if need be players can pop in to drop off equipment and collect a permit and then carry on along Leighfield Road to park at Lakeside Village CP. It is a 10 minute walk back up to Cryfield and then a further 3-5 minutes back to Roadside/Lakeside.

For general guidance for parking on campus.

"Parking charges apply from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, including weekends and bank holidays, parking is free."

Alternatively you can park at Gibbet Hill and walk back down the hill but be aware that special rules apply as regards permits.

For clarity leave yourself an extra 15 minutes (in each direction) to deal with any car parking issues wherever you managed to park.

The new Leighfield Road Car Park (aka Cryfield Village CP) is now open and provides additional pay and display and staff permit capacity that is a touch closer to the pitches and significantly aids visiting and home sides alike.

It's also possible to park in the new Sports Hub just down the road from the Cryfield Sports Pavilion however this comes with a high-cost pricing model which is not suitable for long term or all day parking.


Please see the following guidance on Car Parking at the new Sports Hub

Cryfield Sports Pavilion - A view from the Leighfield Road


Sports Hub CP - A view from the Leighfield Road

Sports Hub

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Lakeside Village CP - A view from the Leighfield Road

lakeside village

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