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ITSLib 2018 Squad Builder

For the 2018 InterDepartmental Cricket season the following changes have been implemented by Warwick Sport

Captains have been asked to submit online squad lists to help support the smooth running of the League and to ensure that player details are captured and that entitlements to participate are in place.

Additionally to cover operational costs and to ensure fairness and equality across all of the Sports Programmes and Leagues at Warwick the following charges will be levied as per the Active Leagues link shown below. We expect Warwick Sport to provide the match balls for this season whilst we are continuing to push for renewed investment across all areas of the Cricket offering here at Warwick.

Active Leagues

Essentially this amounts to £30 if you are a non-member and £5 if you are already a member of Warwick Sport.

If you are a member of staff, student or Alumni and can login to the above Active Leagues website using your Single Sign On login then you can sign up and pay online. If you are external to the University or no longer have a valid SSO login then you will need to present yourself to the Sports Centre Reception or call and pay over the telephone dialling +44 (0)24 7652 3011

For further contact and location details please find the link below.

Warwick Sport - Contact

For additional guidance on the range of Warwick Sport membership packages available.

Squad Builder - 2018 Season

Please can you complete the following form in as much detail as possible and submit it to us at the earliest convenience.

This will provide us with the required details to formally submit a squad to Warwick Sport for the upcoming season and will also give us a good indication of the number of memberships that exisit within the squad and how many non-members and non-member externals will be playing this season.

We will also be using this to improve the quality of information held within our address book to support the smooth running of the club as a whole and to improve communication between the club and the players.

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Privacy statement
This form will be used to manage attendance as a squad member of the ITSLib XI Cricket Club for the forthcoming 2018 season across all of the expected fixtures and competitions. The data will not be used for any purpose other than to support Club Officers and Committee Members in the smooth operation of the Club.
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