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Interdepartmental Cricket Awards Nomination

Honours Award
An award for a person who have, during their time here, made an outstanding contribution to inter departmental Cricket at Warwick in terms of developing Cricket and encouraging participation by others.

Player of the Year
This award is made to a player who during the year has reached a particularly outstanding level of achievement in at least one cricket discipline.

Most Improved Player
This award is made to a player, during the past year, shown a notable improvement in performance within a cricket team through hard work, commitment and effort.

This award is for the player who appears to drop the most catches or lets the ball slip through their fingers on the most occasions

Comedy Moment
This award is for the funniest moment of the season either on or off the field.

Biggest Moaner
This award is for the person who moans the most about any aspect of Cricket

Worst Dressed
This is for the player that goes against those traditional whites and puts their own style on the game




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