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Warwick Active Cricket League Rules

Download the PDF copy of the latest rules

Warwick Sport Terms and Conditions



1.The league will be organised under the auspices of Warwick Sport who will have the final say on all matters of the league.
1.1. The League is organised and run by the league organiser (Activator) and Warwick Sport will support in the running of the league.

2. Squads

1. All teams or players must have paid the relevant league registration fee, before the league has officially started (
2. Teams must look to have as big a squad as possible.
3. Any team found to be in breach of these rules will forfeit the match and incur an additional 2 point penalty.
4. Matches will be 11-a-side, however, it both captains are in agreement, teams make up can range from 8-10 players per side.
3. General Rules
1. Unless otherwise stated, the rules of the International Cricket Council will apply at all times.
2 . All teams in the same league will play each other twice during the regular season.
3. 4 points will be awarded for a win, 2 for a tie/abandoned match, 1 for a loss 0 points if a team forfeits the fixture. If both teams are unable to raise a team the match will be deemed void and 0 points each (unless this is a rearrangement where 2 points each will be applied)
4. A substitute fielder may be used in a game, by agreement with the opposition captain, if a player is injured during the course of the match. This fielder may not bat, bowl or keep wicket.
5. 2 match balls per game will be provided by Warwick Sport and distributed by Warwick Sport
6. Teams on the same points will be separated by head to head record (see 6) then net run rate.
7. Matches shall be of 20 overs per side, bowlers will bowl no more than 2 overs (unless agreed by both captains prior to the toss). The winner shall be the team that scores the most runs. In the event of both sides scoring the same number of runs, the team having lost fewer wickets during their innings shall be the winner. If the teams score the same number of runs, for the loss of the same number of wickets, then the match shall be declared a tie. In knockout matches a super over will be applied to determine the winner.
8. The teams will umpire their own matches. Each team will provide an umpire.
9. The batting side will provide a scorer and be responsible for the accuracy of the score.
10. Signup will be on a first come, first served basis. Registration must be completed by team sheets on the Warwick Sport website:

11. Teams may use general use equipment provided by Warwick Sport if they cannot provide their own. They should not use the Warwick University Cricket Club equipment.


1. Batsman will retire on a personal score of 25 (but if the entire team is bowled they can return to the crease)
2. Bowlers will bowl no more than 2 overs (unless agreed by both captains prior to the toss)
3. There will be no LBW (unless agreed by both captains prior to the toss)
4. Innings will consist of ten overs bowled consecutively from one end and then followed by ten overs bowled consecutively from the other end to reduce playing time
5. Players can play for more than one team provided the captain has informed the opposing captain prior to the toss. Guest players will not be permitted to bat in the top 4 or bowl in the first 4 or final 4 overs of the innings (unless agreed by both captains).
6. If any of the above rules are amended all players should be given the opportunity to bat or bowl during a match. For example, if the captains agree to 3 or 4 overs per bowler anyone who does not bowl (not including the wicket keeper) will bat in the top 6 and anyone who does not bat will bowl a minimum of 2 overs.

4. Fixtures

1. Teams are required to confirm attendance at all fixtures between 5 and 2 days in advance of the match.
2. Teams unable to fulfill a fixture must give at least 2 days notice in advance to both a league organiser and the opposing team’s captain. An alternative date will be looked into. If no rearrangement date can be agreed the team that were originally unable to play will forfeit the match.
3. Teams failing to fulfil a fixture without obeying the above procedures will forfeit the match and incur an additional 2 point penalty. For postponements after the notice period or other rule breaches, penalty appeals will be considered at the discretion of the league organiser.
4. The date, time and location of a fixture can only be changed with the permission of the league organiser.
5. Any team that turns up late for the fixture will for every 3 mins the match begins after the original start time will lose an over of their innings or if both captains are in agreement number of overs can be reduced.
6. Rain affected matches - please use the Duckworth-Lewis method. A minimum of 5 overs per innings must be completed to constitute a match

5. Results

1. Match results should be communicated to the league organiser within 24hours.
2. For tournaments, results must be emailed or texted to the league organiser within 24hours.

6. League Position

1. League position will be decided on the following process
1. Points
2. Head to Head
3. Net Run Rate

7. Disputes

1. In the case of a dispute, teams should first contact the league organisers.
2. If there is disagreement with the decision of the organisers, the matter shall be referred to the Warwick Active, whose ruling is final.

8. Conduct
1. Should a team, or players from a team, indulge in any actions that are deemed by the organisers to be detrimental to the good spirit of the league, then the organisers are entitled to take whatever action is deemed appropriate.
2. This may include but is not limited to, suspension of players, loss of points or exclusion from the competition.
3. Such penalties are subject to the approval of Warwick Sport, whose decision is final.