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Severe Weather Conditions - Message from Registrar

If your department has important information regarding weather conditions which you'd like posted on this page, please email

Thursday 14 January, 07.30am

The University will be operating as normal today.

Staff are advised to attend work as usual if they are able to make their journey into work safely, but to take extra care and use common sense on their journeys as roads and pavements are likely to be icy. Heads of Departments are also advised to use their discretion to ensure that staff are safe in their journeys to and from work.

Further guidance for students is available at

The situation will be monitored during the day and if conditions change, I will email Heads of Department with an update. There will also be an update on insite.

For further information on the severe weather policy, please follow the link below:

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Jon F. Baldwin