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Research Participation

This page is no longer in use. To place a call for volunteers, or to find out about opportunities to help our research colleagues, please go to the new staff forum: Volunteering and Research Participation. Thank you!
Social wellbeing study

Do you sometimes get anxious in social situations? Do you feel very shy and reluctant to take part in social situations?

Would you like to take part in a research study to help us understand how we can help people with mild social anxiety symptoms?

Helen Atherton, Assistant Professor at Warwick Medical School h dot atherton at warwick dot ac dot uk is part of a team of researchers currently undertaking a project to find out whether an online self-help tool may help people who get anxious in social situations. The team are currently looking for people in the UK to take part in this project. The study is jointly led by the University of Oxford and the Australian National University.

Find out more about the study

Baby scientists needed!

The Warwick Research with Kids group aims to find out how children develop their language and communication skills. They depend on the help of hundreds of parents who are willing to bring their children along to take part. If you have children, from newborn up to 10 years, and have an hour to spare to take part in one of our studies then please contact us. Once you sign up, the team will get in touch when a study which is age-appropriate comes up.

Find out more online, phone with any queries on 07823524617; or email cdlab at warwick dot ac dot uk. Studies are designed to be fun and most take less than an hour.

Parents and teenagers research

PhD Psychology student Ameerah Khadaroo (Supervisor: Dr Fiona MacCallum) is currently researching parenting of single-child and two-child families in the UK. Ameerah is interested in seeing how families today get on, and how families with one child compare with those with more than one.

The study is looking for families with children aged 11-14 to take part by both the teenager and their parents completing some online questionnaires. All responses are anonymous and confidential, and it should only take around 30 minutes for each of you to fill in the questionnaires. At a later date, some of the families who have completed the questionnaires will be invited to be interviewed. Families who are interested in taking part can volunteer to do so.

Access the survey

If you’d like to ask any questions before completing this survey please do not hesitate to contact Ameerah Khadaroo on a dot khadaroo at warwick dot ac dot uk

Ongoing Research Studies

Research project offering Amazon vouchers in return for help from staff to collect flood knowledge

Associate Professor Joanne Garde-Hansen and Prof Rob Procter are seeking help from members of staff who have experienced flooding, been threatened by flooding or who have family members who have been affected by flooding. In order to get involved you must have been or still living in either Gloucestershire or Oxfordshire. This is a unique community project run by Warwick and the University of the West of England that aims to help communities record and respond to acts of flooding.The project team would like those interested in finding new ways to share ‘flood knowledge’ in Tewkesbury and Oxfordshire to participate in the trialling of ‘Flappy’: a mobile and web-based application for sharing flood-related memories.

Find out more in the Project blog or for more information please contact Jo Garde-Hansen by on J dot Garde-Hansen at warwick dot ac dot uk

Study to Examine Why Getting in the Middle of a Chain Reaction Matters

WMG is spearheading a national research study to highlight the crucial role supply chains play within the British economy. The online study, which is being led by WMG Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, Janet Godsell, has been designed to uncover our knowledge and understanding of what a supply chain is, and how we as individuals are an integral part of supply chains up and down the country.

The project is innovative in its design as it combines the principles of crowdsourcing, social networking and storytelling in order to both generate research data and increase public engagement and understanding as more and more people take part. Taking part involves answering a few of simple questions about your knowledge of supply chains and includes an invitation to share your mychainreaction story by explaining how you interact with supply chains. The research team hope that participants will spread the chain reaction as far across the world as possible.

To participate simply visit My Chain Reaction website and click on the Add My Story tab.

Having trouble sleeping?

The Oxford Access for Students Improving Sleep (OASIS) study offers an effective state of the art sleep improvement programme to all students who take part. This involves a 6 week course and keeping a sleep diary. The course is delivered via the web and mobile phone. In addition you’d be required to complete online assessments. There are no face to face appointments. They are offering this as part of a research study to find out if improving sleep also improves emotional wellbeing.

light-bullet-trans.gifTo find out if you’re eligible to take part, please register your interest on the study website and you will receive a link to a short sleep test (2 minutes): or for more information please contact Dr. Bryony Sheaves on 01865 226486 or email oasis at psych dot ox dot ac dot uk.

Measuring insulin in urine to assist weight-loss efforts

Researchers from Warwick Medical School would like to relate insulin levels in urine to different types of diets and weight loss, all integrated through an online health platform. They are looking for volunteers to participate in the study, who would follow a simple diet plan and collect their urine samples to be measured for insulin. Participants can enrol for just 24 hours or multiple days. Participants should not have diabetes or other serious illnesses.

light-bullet-trans.gifFor more information or to enrol, please get in touch with Prof. Klein-Seetharaman at j dot klein-seetharaman at warwick dot ac dot uk

Applying for British citizenship: share your experiences

Interview respondents are sought for an ESRC-funded PhD research project in the Centre for Applied Linguistics. The research focuses on
current citizenship policy, and seeks to investigate the ways in which new/recent applicants perceive the process of 'naturalising' as a British citizen. I am looking for people who are becoming/have recently become British citizens to share their experiences and thoughts in an interview of approximately one hour.
light-bullet-trans.gif If you are interested in participating or would like to find out more, please contact Rachel Lewis r dot lewis dot 3 at warwick dot ac dot uk

The role of Primary Care in identifying and supporting children who have been bullied

Children who are bullied often feel unwell because they are worried or scared. This may result in them seeing their doctor more often than children who are not bullied. Researchers from Warwick Medical School and the Psychology Department are investigating how GPs and other members of the Primary Care team could do more to identify and support children who have been bullied and their families.We are currently looking for parents of children who are being or have been bullied to take part in online focus groups on this topic. Focus groups will take place at a range of times and are expected to last about an hour. You will be reimbursed for your time.
light-bullet-trans.gif If you are interested in participating or would like to find out more, please contact Dr Emma Scott at e dot j dot scott at warwick dot ac dot uk