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Committee and contacts

Committee Membership 2017-18
For advice on any aspect of the Fund, including project ideas, applications, budgets etc, you can contact the Secretary to the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee or any internal member of the Committee:
Name Department Contact details
Dr David Arnott (Chair) WBS, tel extn: 24487
Dr Jonathan Cave Economics j dot a dot k dot cave at warwick dot ac dot uk, tel extn: 23750

Dr Sarah Richardson

History, tel extn: 23417

Students' Union
The Committee also includes four external members who have connections to the founders of the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund:

Mr Richard Avery
Mr Scott Glover
Mr Kevin Kiernan
Mr Michael Webb
Committee Terms of Reference

The Committee reports to the Trustees of the University of Warwick Foundation. The Committee's terms of reference are:

  • to consider applications and grant awards in support of the Purposes of the LRMF;
  • to promote and encourage applications to the LRMF and draft notices for awards;
  • to draft regulations governing eligibility for awards, the application process and the conditions upon which awards are granted.
Meeting Dates 2016-17

TBC - first meeting of the year

Monday 29 January 2018 - meeting to consider applications and project reports from the previous year

Wednesday 14 February 2018 - fund applicant interviews

Thursday 1 March 2018 - annual celebration event (TBC) and Committee meeting to consider recommendations of interview panel

Minutes of Committee meetings routinely refer to individual named students and are therefore not published online. Requests for copies of minutes will be considered by the Chair and Secretary.