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Writing a report

As a condition of funding, all award holders must produce a written report of their project, which meets the standards set out in the Report Writing GuidelinesLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window(PDF Document). Award holders should read the full Guidelines and may also find the Summary GuidanceLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window(PDF Document) a useful source of reference.

The report is normally due in November in the year in which the project is completed (or the November of the following year for projects carried out during the Christmas vacation).

Award holders will only be paid the final 20% of their funding if the Lord Rootes Fund Committee judges that the report is satisfactory and meets the standards set out in the Guidelines.

Accounting statement

The report must contain an accounting statement that explains how the award was spent. The statement should show:

  • the estimated project costs, as set out in the financial plan in the original application;
  • a breakdown of the actual project costs.

You should submit with your report all receipts that you have retained in relation to your project.

Format of reports and number of copies
You must submit an electronic copy to the Fund Secretary, to aid circulation to the members of the Committee.
Previous reports

Copies of previous project reports are held in the Modern Records Centre (behind the Library) and award holders can contact the Fund Secretary or any member of the Committee for advice on writing a report.