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Past Projects

Hard copies of reports from projects funded in previous years can be viewed in the Modern Records Centre (behind the Library).

Lists of previous projects are available here:

Projects from 2015

Projects from 2014

Projects from 2013

Projects from 2012

Projects from 2011

Projects from 2010

Projects from 2009

Projects from 2008

Projects from 2007

Projects from 2006

Projects from 2005

Projects from 2004

Projects from 1968 - 2003*(PDF Document) 

*The website to accompany a report on one of the projects funded in 2003 can be found here: 'A Photographic Study of the University of Warwick'

Examples of earlier projects include:

  • Tibetan Monastic debate and the role of monasteries in the lay community.
  • Food Traders in Tamil Nadu – Technology of street cart cooking.
  • Seasearch survey of the Scilly Isles.
  • Expedition to the North Pole.
  • ‘Boing!’ – Community Theatre Cultural Exchange.
  • The Trans-Mongolian Rail: A Journey Through Images.
  • State Flowers in the Rocky Mountains**
  • The role and influence of the English-Speaking press in Buenos Aires.
  • ‘Lure’ and ‘Big City Blue’ – Film Projects.
  • A photographic study of Italian architecture.**
  • Seeing and Believing: A Review of Pulsar Observation**

**These reports received additional awards of £250 - £500 for being of outstanding calibre, at the discretion of the Trustees.

The first Lord Rootes award was made in 1967 to the University Boat Club, to buy a coxless four.