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Lord Rootes Memorial Fund: Projects 2005

Fourteen projects were awarded funding by the Trustees of the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund in 2005:

David Baker
US National Parks of the Pacific West: A Guide for Travellers with Mobility Difficulties

Bethany Bennett, Kathryn Johnson & Victoria Jarrett
Dialogue or Dichotomy: A Photographic Investigation of Poland’s New Cultural Climate
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Brendan Donegan
Evaluating the Impact of Grass-Roots NGOs in India
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Christopher Garner
A Study of the Styles and Forms of Aboriginal Art to Gain an Insight into their Meanings

Stephanie Hay, Russell Hope, Daniel Sarginson, Richard Hogg & Samantha Costigan
“The Fix”
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John Huddlestone
Land’s Endto John O’Groats: A Cyclist’s-eye view of Britain

Alice Kugler & Sina Grasmann
The Impact of Economic Factors and Reference Levels on Happiness in Venezuela

Claudia Lozada-Can, Michael Niblett, Kerstin Oloff & Ulrich Sauder
Culinary Crossings: The Cuisine of Yucatán
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Beatriz Martinez-Gatell & Martin Arumemi-Ikhide
“Come Away”: A Film
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Andy Melia
Eurojam 2005 Sub-Camp Programme 2005

David Metcalfe
Primum Non Nocere – The Limitations of Medical Intervention in Sexual Health

Tina Sidemark & Katherine Brown
The Culture of Marianismo, Young Women and EcuadorToday
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Heather Scutchings & Christopher Brockelsby
A Celebration of Italy’s National Parks

Kate Williams
Glycemic Index Foods and Their Effect on Public Health and Obesity