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Sri Lanka Tourism in the News

A Newspaper headline, 'Phone tracking device saves Britons' (The Times Wednesday December 29th2004) described how ‘at least 36 British holiday makers have been saved by text message after the quick thinking of the emergency services in Sri Lanka.  One member of a group of 36 Britons received the message and phoned the help line. Operators then managed to trace the call and rescue the group from Hikkaduwa.'  This was just one news item about Hikkaduwa, there is lots of other information about the areas on the south coast and how devastating the tsunami was to both Sri Lankans and tourists visiting alike.  Since the tsunami however, Sri Lankans continue to suffer and fear that their much needed tourist industry might be damaged, if tourists fail to return.  The article from The Times newspaper below was part of the inspiration for our project:

The last paragraph is particularly relevant........

 "The tourists were our life, if they don't come back we will have no way to live"
An article from The Times- inspiration for our project