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Lord Rootes Memorial Fund: Projects 2012

Eleven projects were awarded funding by the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee in 2012. For group projects, the lead applicant only is listed:

  • Justine Alford: Adventures with Jaws. A behavioural study of Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa, report(PDF Document)
  • James Beaumont: Jazz in Japan - a cultural exploration of jazz music in Tokyo, report(PDF Document)
  • Sarah Goler: 'Living Life Like a Varenyk in Sour Cream'. The Evolution and Meaning of Cooking, Eating and Food Security in Ukraine, report(PDF Document), recipe book(PDF Document)
  • Chloe Grahame: Book Aid: From One School to Another. A problematic gift?, report(PDF Document)
  • Jason Jones: Considering evidence of Middle Eastern Influence on Mesoamerican Temples, report (PDF Document), link to project website (external to the University of Warwick)
  • Adam Kalinin: Echoes of the Holocaust: Culture of remembrance and its importance today - comparing Poland and the United States, report(PDF Document)
  • Amy Kanbur: Cycling down the Mekong: An investigation into the social, environmental and political implications of damming in South East Asia, report(PDF Document)
  • Alice Lawson: England to Finland: A Sea Kayaking Adventure*, report(PDF Document), link to project website (external to the University of Warwick)
  • Odes-Clara Leguet: Project Alice in Wonderland, Accessibility in Opera
  • Emer McDaid: The Tsunami the World Forgot: Sri Lanka - A photographic report investigating the effects of the 2004 tsunami on Sri Lankan society today, report(PDF Document)
  • Natalia Parzyk: Adventures of Georgia: An Expedition Report, report(PDF Document)

*This report received an additional award of £200 - £500 for being of outstanding calibre, at the discretion of the Committee.