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University Awards categories

There are 11 award categories - some are open to individual submission only, some are open to team submissions only, and some are open to both. The scheme is open to all staff and students, and you may nominate any colleague or team from any area of the University.

Please note that any nomination focuses (e.g. projects) should have been carried out since the previous University Awards nomination period (January - February 2018).

Team nominations only: Outstanding Team

Individual nominations only: Inspirational Leader, Outstanding Contribution, Unsung Hero, Brilliant Newcomer

Categories open to both individual and team nominations: Community Contribution, Supporting Student Employability, Public Engagement Contribution, Student Experience, Research Contribution, Service Excellence

1. Community Contribution (individual or team)

At Warwick we’re proud of our roots. Borne out of boldness, imagination and collaboration between Coventry and Warwickshire, every year we keep building invaluable relationships with our campus community, neighbours, partners, wider regional community and friends.

This award honours the teams and individuals who foster these relationships, who help others to benefit from our work, and bring fresh new ideas right back to us.

Especially relevant for teams and individuals who:

  • work in roles around education and outreach;
  • hold events for local residents, or work with them regularly;
  • always reach out locally and regionally to make us better-known;
  • make our campus community a better place to be.

Nominate an individual or a team for this award

2. Inspirational Leadership (individual only)

Every great team needs a great leader. Have you benefited from inspirational leadership in the last 12 months, or from someone who makes an amazing impact on you and your team?

This award is for those who deserve to be recognised for their hard work to make people at Warwick more successful. It might not even be someone you directly work for, but we want to hear about the leaders who’ve worked hard to make an impact.

Especially relevant for individuals who:

  • have successfully co-ordinated, developed or led a group through changes;

  • make you feel more positive, or champion equality, diversity and dignity;

  • are highly inspirational or creative in the way they work, with consistently high professional standards.

Nominate an individual for this award

3. Outstanding Team (team only)

Everyone at Warwick is part of a team, from small groups to vast networks, and together we all work to do more across campus. Some teams make an extra-special impact, and their brilliant work fuels Warwick’s success.

They might be working on unique projects, they might be doing their daily business, but whatever it is, this award honours the groups who managed something special in the last year. They can be from any area of the University, across academia, professional services, commercial services, or all three.

Especially relevant for teams who have:

  • accomplished something special or new in the last year;

  • made it through some tough times but still achieved great things;

  • a really strong team spirit, supporting each other to reach their goals.

Nominate a team for this award

4. Supporting Student Employability (individual or team)

Warwick graduates are valued by employers for their intellectual abilities – honed through a demanding academic education – and because of their rounded experience, gained through exposure to work-based learning and rich co-curricular experience. This award recognises staff contribution to the employability Warwick students gain, either in curriculum or through reflective experience in the co-curriculum, that helps them to find their place in the world.

The award is open to all staff - teams and individuals - who:

  • create new opportunities for work-based learning;
  • discover new ways to help students to think widely about their career options;
  • creatively integrate employability into the curriculum;
  • inspire students to learn more about the world of work;
  • design opportunities for students to learn skills in innovative ways;
  • enable students to reflect on the employability aspects of co-curriculum experiences.

Nominate an individual or a team for this award

5. Outstanding Contribution (individual only)

Where would we be without them? The people who make things happen - the innovators, the trailblazers. The ones who shake up the daily routine and come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. This award honours the individuals who managed something special in the last year, or who have helped others to achieve something unique and creative.

Especially relevant for individuals who have:

  • made a difference in the last year with a special project, idea, or way of doing something;
  • been particularly creative or innovative;
  • inspired others to be more creative or come up with unusual ideas.

Nominate an individual for this award

      6. Public Engagement Contribution (individual or team)

      Warwick expertise can shape lives for better across the globe, from medical research to smarter cities and more. Academically we’re already known for our strong research excellence. But crucially we also need to share our work with a wider audience who are interested and could benefit from it.

      This award honours those people who keep Warwick connected with the wider world, who make sure that what we’ve found is brought to light so that others can enjoy it too.

      Especially relevant for teams and individuals who:

      • are involved in public engagement activities;
      • make us better-known to the public and raise our profile;
      • support others to become more effective in their public engagement;
      • work with non-academic partners to develop productive relationships.

      Nominate an individual or a team for this award

        7. Student Experience (individual or team)

        Every year we welcome thousands of new students to Warwick. We pride ourselves on giving students the energy and support they need to succeed personally, professionally and academically.

        This award recognises the exceptional people who make that positive student experience possible.

        Especially relevant for teams and individuals who:

        • make Warwick more accessible, welcoming and supportive to all students;
        • create a high quality educational environment;
        • develop students as leaders and partners;
        • offer outstanding extracurricular or international activities.

        Nominate an individual or a team for this award

            8. Research Contribution (individual or team)

            Every researcher at Warwick makes a difference in their field, contributing new ideas or building on current expertise. Their work enhances our reputation and makes us world-renowned for research, attracting more talent from around the globe.

            This award celebrates our researchers and the teams who support them as well.

            Especially relevant for individuals and teams who:

            • make a difference to the world around us, influencing real policies and real lives locally, nationally or internationally;
            • develop innovative ideas, products or processes;
            • win major awards or receive significant national or international merit;
            • offer highly supportive environments which facilitate exceptional research;
            • make exceptional research possible by supporting researchers.

            Nominate an individual or a team for this award

              9. Service Excellence (individual or team)

              Warwick has grown into an enormous university over the years, welcoming thousands of students, staff and visitors on a daily basis. None of this would be possible without the vast network of support behind-the-scenes which keeps everything running smoothly.

              This award commends the teams and individuals who are committed to offering excellent professional service at all times, and work proactively to improve Warwick life.

              Especially relevant for teams and individuals who:

              • put the needs of students, academics or customers first;

              • simplify, collaborate and deliver, and actively try to resolve obstacles at work;

              • value teamwork and deliver exceptional professional service;

              • go out of their way to work positively with colleagues and develop new ideas or ways to improve things.

              Nominate an individual or a team for this award

              10. Unsung Hero (individual only)

              Our most popular award category, the Unsung Hero award recognises and celebrates members of staff who make a positive impact on day-to-day life at Warwick by working diligently behind the scenes.

              This award honours the people who make the difference in your daily life, and we can’t wait to find out who they are.

              Especially relevant for individuals who are:

              • helpful and willing to take on any task;
              • always alert to the needs of colleagues, students and visitors;
              • devoted to their work, bringing all their energy, knowledge and experience to daily life at Warwick;
              • the one you turn to first for support, guidance and solutions.

              Nominate an individual for this award

                11. Brilliant Newcomer (individual only)

                Open to new starters at Warwick and those who have recently joined a new department

                We welcome hundreds of new employees to Warwick every year. Their fresh ideas and innovative approaches help us to take on new challenges, and tackle the old ones in a different way.

                This award recognises the new starters - either to the University or to another department within Warwick - since January 2017 who have made an impact in their new teams.

                Especially relevant for individuals who:

                • hit the ground running and settled in fast;
                • brought great new ideas and innovative approaches to the way we do things (whether research projects or new process ideas);
                • became an authority figure quickly.

                Nominate an individual for this award

                The Ken Sloan Prize for Administrative Excellence (individual only)

                Excellent administration lies at the heart of many of Warwick’s outstanding achievements. This award, established by former Registrar Ken Sloan, puts the spotlight on the excellent work and services delivered by administration staff to students, academics and other professional colleagues across all aspects of university life.

                The winner of this award will not only a commitment to their role as an administrator but also an innovative approach to their work, continually driving improvement and best practice.

                Please note: the winner of the Ken Sloan Prize for Administrative Excellence will be selected by the judges from those nominated within the following categories:

                • Outstanding Contribution;
                • Inspirational Leadership;
                • Service Excellence.