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Frequently asked questions

When is the 2019 University Awards event?

The University Awards will take place on Monday 24 June as part of the staff summer party. We'll be announcing more details of the event soon - so watch this space!

Who can make a nomination?

The scheme is open to all staff and students to nominate any colleague or team from any area of the University. There are 11 award categories, some for individual submissions only, some for team submissions only, and some for both. Please note, the nomination process has now closed.

How can I find out what the different Awards categories are?

Take a look at the full list of categories

Who is eligible to be nominated?

All staff are eligible for nomination, including sessional teaching payroll (STP) colleagues. Unitemps staff are eligible for nomination as part of a team, but not for individual nomination - you can find out more about their 'Unitemp of the Year' scheme by contacting Unitemps directly. As mentioned below, self-nominations are not permitted.

Can I nominate myself?

You can't nominate yourself - the Awards are a chance to recognise and celebrate the outstanding work of your colleagues, so have a think about who you'd like to nominate. If you do choose to nominate yourself, this nomination won't be taken into account.

What should I include in my nomination?

Got your nominee or nominees in mind? Head over to the relevant nomination form and tell us as much as you can about them - why do they deserve an award this year? You can write up to 600 words here, but remember to tell us:

  • Who are they? Let us know their name(s) and contact details so that we can get in touch with them. If they're a team, we need to have at least one key member of the team listed so we can check with them that the whole team's been listed.
  • Why should they win? The judging panel might not be familiar with the person or team you're talking about - so it's your job to explain! Tell us what they do and why you reckon they deserve to win an award.

You don't need to be overly formal in the way you write - simple, plain-English text is ideal. Please remember to stick to full sentences and avoid bullet points - this will help the judging panel as they look through your nomination.

Take a look at an example of a high-quality nomination that's clear and easy to understand, yet detailed enough to illustrate the impact of the work being discussed.

How long does it take to make a nomination?

The nomination form is straightforward to fill in - you can give us as much detail as you'd like, but either way nominations shouldn't take more than half an hour to complete. If you'd like any guidance, you can email uni dot awards at warwick dot ac dot uk.

How many nominations can I make?

You can make as many nominations as you'd like.

How can I make my nomination?

You should make your nomination using the online nomination form. If you don't have regular access to a computer, speak to your team leader or head of department - they will be able to help you.

Can I make an anonymous nomination?

No - you'll need to submit your details when making a nomination, but you can request to remain anonymous so your nominee won't be informed of who nominated them. Any details you submit won't be shared outside of the panels and the Awards project group.

Do I need to tell the person or team that I've nominated them?

You don't have to tell them, but they'll probably really appreciate you letting them know! It's great for people to know that their work has been recognised and appreciated - but we'll leave this up to you.

When is the 2019 University Awards event?

Watch this space - there'll be an event later this year where we celebrate our staff and congratulate our 2019 winners.

Is there a University Awards project group?

Yes – the group is meeting regularly to plan and prepare for the 2019 University Awards.

Who will decide on the shortlist and the winners?

First-stage selection will be carried out by a shortlisting panel, and a final judging panel will choose the final winners. Both panels will include a cross-section of University representatives.

What about the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE)?

The WATE scheme will remain separate from the University Awards - find out more and nominate for WATE.

What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

Please email uni dot awards at warwick dot ac dot uk - a member of the working group will get back to you.