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Supported by

The University Awards are supported by Warwick Conferences, Warwick Print, Warwick Arts Centre and a project group made up of staff from a cross-section of the University.

The University Awards project group membership for 2019 is as follows:

  • Ian Rowley (Chair) - Director of Engagement Group
  • Pat Tissington (Academic lead) - Academic Director of Employability and Skills
  • Tim Hunter - Senior IT and Business Service Analyst, IT Services
  • Sophie Hannah - Engagement and Communications Officer, Human Resources
  • Mark Udall - Design Manager, Warwick Print
  • Claire McCann - Brand Manager, Engagement Group
  • Reena Kumar - HR Adviser, Human Resources
  • Sioned Cash - Operations and Planning Manager, Warwick Accommodation
  • Julie Taylor - Events and Operations Manager, Conference Park and Events
  • Will Rupp - Senior Academic Developer, Organisation Development
  • Ben Suffolk - Assistant House Manager, Warwick Arts Centre
  • Tom Langford - Technical Manager, Warwick Arts Centre
  • Keith Gabriel - Creative Communications Manager, Engagement Group

Thanks to:

  • Ken Sloan - Former Registrar and Chief Operating Officer (Ken Sloan Prize for Administrative Excellence)  

Got questions about the 2019 University Awards? Please email uni dot awards at warwick dot ac dot uk