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University Awards winners 2019

Congratulations to all our 2019 University Awards winners and highly commended nominees!

All nominated staff were invited to the University Summer Party at the Windmill Hill on Monday 24 June. With so many fantastic nominations made this year, we'd like to say a huge thank you to all those staff and students who took the time to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions of staff across the Warwick community.

Congratulations to all those who were nominated in the longlist as individuals and teams, as well as all those shortlisted.

Winners and highly commended nominees

Brilliant Newcomer

Winner: Steven Townsend (Warwick Sport) steven townsend

Steve has made an enormous impact since coming to Warwick, raising the profile of
the University of Warwick within the squash world, supporting the student and staff
community and engaging the local community. Steve is hugely passionate about squash
and has worked tirelessly within his first year going above and beyond to establish and
develop a programme"

Highly Commended: Chrissie Cooper (Academic Office)

Chrissie has always been happy to help other team members when needed but this was
especially clear when the Funding Outreach team was short staffed at the start of the
academic year. She supported the team by going out to school events and took part in
presenting parts of the workshop. Chrissie most definitely enjoys a challenge and always
volunteers to take on new projects. As a team we have quickly become very reliant on
Chrissie and her boundless enthusiasm and positivity provide us all with a daily boost!"

Community Contribution

Winner: Centre for Teacher Education team (CTE) centre for teacher education

It is committed to working with children, young people, families and communities who
may otherwise never set foot on Warwick’s campus. CTE actively shapes the life chances of
children, whilst acting as advocates for a leading Russell Group university. CTE staff work
closely with its SSLCs who have been instrumental in organising a range of fundraising
events: Comic Relief and Marie Curie cake sales have raised thousands of pounds, along
with the brilliant work for the local shelter and food bank charities"

Read the Centre for Teacher Education team's winner profile.

Highly Commended: University Family Days

In the words of our visitors:
“We really love this place, it’s amazing inside and out, I’ve observed a lot of improvements.”
“It’s great to see the community engagement, positive step.”
“We enjoyed everything; the enthusiasm of staff, and fun and challenging activities."

Inspirational Leadership

Winner: Paul Taylor-McCartney (CTE)


Paul is not only an inspiring leader but he also uses his combination of knowledge and skills
to motivate the secondary team to take on innovative missions. He has a clear vision for the
team and unlocks higher performance through empowerment, not command and control."

Read Paul's winner profile.

Outstanding Contribution

Winner: Ariane Demeure-Ahearne (Modern Languages) arian demeure-ahearne

Ariane is a key member of the language department and consistently goes above and
beyond in terms of challenging students to maximise their ability.”
“Ariane has always shown extraordinary motivation and excellent leadership in the
organisation and running of such events.”
“Her duty of care goes beyond the classroom as she has shown dedication to all her students,
whether they be undergraduates or graduates students who have now left university.”
“Ariane’s leadership skills are gentle and often understated"

Outstanding Team

Winner: Welcome Week Project Team (International Student Office) welcome week project team

The Welcome team were excellent leaders in facilitating this collaboration across
academic departments, many professional services, the Student’s Union and RLT,
ensuring the aims of Welcome Week were met and a programme of over 1000 events
was delivered. Members of the team were approachable at all times, offering to meet
or talk over the phone to answer queries, and clearly enjoyed working on this project
and with each other. The programme involved every academic and professional service
department and at the centre of this the Welcome Team acted as coordinator, cajoler and
cheerleader for the project"

Read the Welcome Week Project Team's winner profile.

Highly Commended: Recruitment, Training and Admin (Estates)

The Campus Cleaning Team has worked positively over the past year to initiate a
recruitment drive, to fill vacancies across our busy campus. This successful wave
of recruitment would not have been possible without the drive and collaboration of
the team. Our administrators have gamely taken the lead in hosting interviews, whilst
juggling the enquiries that came in from so, so many applicants. The training team have
worked unusual patterns to attend these events and carry out training/assessments,
whilst also compiling content for the training films and even taking on some of the
starring roles in some sections to show best working practices! The team have displayed
tremendous resolves of camaraderie and team spirit, to plan and execute so many events
in only a year. Their ability to work with one another and collaborate on so many levels
has been truly appreciated."

Public Engagement Contribution

Winner: Katherine Astbury (Modern Languages) kate astbury

Not only is Kate a prime example of someone who thinks it is incredibly important
to engage with the wider public, she is open to doing it in new and exciting ways. I
am incredibly excited, as I think we should all be, to see how her research and public
engagement plans evolve"

Read Katherine's winner profile.

Winner: Nicholas Dale (Life Sciences)

Nick is a natural speaker, explaining the complexities of his subject, the brain, in a way that
drives interest from those who know something and a fascination from others who know less.
His easy style has been a great way for other academics in the department to listen to his
advice on content and delivery at these evenings"

Research Contribution

Winner: Mark Williams (WMG) mark williams

Through a passion for knowledge and a nose for a great mystery, Mark is inspiring
hundreds of people and answering age-old questions. He is a credit to Warwick and a
perfect example of what can be achieved when people leave the confines of their main
area of research"

Service Excellence

Winner: Clare Watters (Teaching Quality) clare watters and lucy inman

Her outstanding work ethic, caring, diligence has brought immense improvements
to the PPE department and its prestige externally, as well as to the lives of fellow staff
members and students"

Read Clare's winner profile.

Winner: Lucy Inman (WMG) clare watters and lucy inman

Lucy leads by example, bringing a calm and thoughtful approach to problems, working
to resolve things to ensure the best possible outcome for students, and also putting
measures in place to ensure it doesn’t repeat, or to mitigate the impact where matters
are likely to repeat"

Student Experience

Winner: Ana Kedves (Library) ana kedves and jina tanton

Ana appreciates and understands the challenges international students face and helps
make Warwick a welcoming and accessible institution by delivering events such as the
Library Language Exchange and the annual Lunar New Year celebration. Furthermore, Ana
is a wonderful role model for students as, alongside her full-time job in the Library, Ana is
both studying for her PhD at Warwick and also working as a Residential Life Tutor. Ana is
incredibly popular with staff and students alike, and her empathy and understanding of
what it takes to succeed at Warwick make her a real asset"

Read Ana's winner profile.

Winner: Jina Tanton (Warwick Sport) ana kedves and jina tanton

Jina is so passionate about enhancing student wellbeing and supports other departments
and initiatives across Warwick to promote the benefits of living an active lifestyle. With all
the hard work and commitment Jina has put into the programme and the success she has
seen to date, she would be a very worthy recipient of this award"

Supporting Student Employability

Winner: David Molyneux (Careers & Skills) david molyneux

As a colleague, he is unstinting in his devotion. He is giving, generous of spirit and
passionately cares about students and their employability"

Read David's winner profile.

Unsung Hero

Winner: Sarah Shute (Theatre Studies) sarah shute

We believe that we struck gold when we appointed Sarah.”
“She is diligent, efficient, reliable, and resourceful and has a natural ability to problem-solve.”
“She consistently works tirelessly and effortlessly behind the scenes”
“I feel safe when Sarah is nearby, as I know I can count on her.”
“She is able to ground big ideas in meticulous detail to help us to move forward."

Highly Commended: Brian O'Leary (Estates)

Brian has been a porter for over 20 years working in the halls of residences. He is so committed
to the students in the halls, that there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for them. He welcomes all
the students into the halls and ensures that he is there if they need anything (whether it’s his
role or not). He will always go out of his way to support students and direct them to the services
that they need. He is also there for all his colleagues and will help and support anyone in the team.
He never wants a fuss made of him and never shouts about what he has done. He is one of the people
that makes Warwick a great place to study and work."

The Ken Sloan Prize for Administrative Excellence

Winner: Chris Luck (Registrar's Group) chris luck

His ability to lead and communicate with enthusiasm and understanding helped the University see
through a brand new programme, which affected almost every department on campus"

Read Chris's winner profile.

Special Recognition

Freedom of the Campus: Rolf the Campus Cat rolf the campus cat

Rolf, and his friends and family, have helped to bring our community together this year.
Rolf said Relax when to help us manage the anxiety of examinations and campus life, he
provides a bright spot when he appears in departments or student rooms and, of course,
we mourned when he had to temporarily withdraw from campus life after breaking his
leg in a road accident. In recognition of Rolf’s daily impact on our lives I am pleased to
honour him with this certificate formally granting him “Freedom of the Warwick Campus"