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Women of Warwick WI

The Women's Institute (WI) was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then the organisation's aims have broadened and the WI is now the largest voluntary women's organisation in the UK. The WI celebrated its centenary in 2015 and currently has 212,000 members in around 6,600 WIs.

We hope that forming a group here at Warwick will create a new opportunity for ladies to meet new friends in a non-work environment, socialise, learn new skills and have fun as well as work together to achieve success in fundraising activities and raising awareness on issues that matter to us and the local community.

Come along and see what we are getting excited about – and be prepared to be surprised if you think you know what a WI meeting is like!

Future Sessions

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 5.15pm for a 5.30pm start

6th Dec 2017 Present Wrapping and Cocktails CMR1.2, 1st Floor Uni House
10th Jan 2018

(NB 2nd Wed of Jan)

Board Games  
7th February 2018 TBC  
7th March 2018 TBC  
11th April 2018

(NB 2nd Wed of April)

2nd May 2018 TBC  
6th June 2018 TBC  
4th July 2018 TBC  

WFWI needs your POPPIES

poppyWarwickshire Federation is joining with Warwick Poppies to create a stunning and impressive display of poppies in St Mary's Church, Warwick. The display will commemorate the end of WW1, and will be installed during September 2018. Poppies can be made in any medium.

Please bring donations to meetings, and we will arrange to deliver them to a drop off point.

Special Care Baby Unit, Warwick Hospital Appeal for Knitted Items

babycapFor the 2018 Centenary Federation Meeting, the WI are asking members to use their knitting skills to knit hats, jackets and blankets for the Special Care Baby Unit at Warwick Hospital. These garments are needed to give comfort to these vulnerable babies. Please see the flyer for more information on sizing.

Please bring donations along to meetings, and we can arrange to take them to the 2018 Centenary Federation Meeting.


Committee Members

Soozi Pinkney (President)
Anne O'Rourke (Vice President)
Sharon McGladrigan (Secretary)
Lesley Preston (Treasurer)
Elizabeth Coyle (Events)
Julie Taylor
Jane Hutton

Contact details

womenofwarwickwi at gmail dot com

Membership details

  • Any woman (aged 18 or over, as per WI regulations) can join from within the Warwick community (staff, students, nearby residents or staff relations)
  • Annual subscription for 2018 is £41.00 payable by cash or cheque and entitles you to ten meetings throughout the year and the bi-monthly magazine.
  • Subscription fees. 2018 fees are as follows:


  • Visitors/guests can attend a maximum of one free meeting per annum. A charge of £4.50 per session thereafter will be required

Useful links

Warwickshire WI and Warwickshire WI Facebook

National Federation of Women's Institutes (NWFI)


Women of Warwick Twitter