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Professor Noortje Marres comments on the AI safety forum calls for AI regulation

Professor Noortje Marres, professor of Science, Technology and Society said: “Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s enthusiasm for independent oversight of AI is clearly strategic. By selectively advancing particular policy proposals, such as watermarking – badging content as AI generated – or red teaming - the testing of AI system using methods common in the tech world rather than risk-based approaches - industry is able to define the terms of the AI policy debate. The likely effect is the sidelining of more comprehensive proposals which have the potential to restrict the use of AI across society, such as proposals to regulate its use according to principles of necessity.

“Over the last decade, the UK government has offered up the roads, schools and hospitals of the UK as a testing ground for industry-led tech trials. Now with Generative AI, it is our media, universities and public services like GPs that are being used as laboratories for the automation of critical processes underpinning our social and public institutions. In light of this, we shouldn’t be surprised that research shows that the public has low trust in AI and in the ability of the state to keep society safe from its harmful effects.

“To ensure that the development of AI benefits society, we need effective representation from across different domains of society in the public and policy debates about AI. If the UK is to offer genuine leadership in AI regulation, it is time to break with the tech-bro formula of industry leaders and politicians courting one another.”

Fri 15 Sep 2023, 09:35 | Tags: University of Warwick, Research