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Essential Warwick - University Profile

Essential Warwick provides facts and figures about the University at a glance and gives an overview of the University's activities.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a world-class university – one with a dynamic, enterprising approach to solving global challenges; one that enables students to create their place in the world; one that defines the university of tomorrow. So, what does our future hold? Our current strategy lays out the following goals:

  • Enable our students to succeed
  • Deliver world-class research
  • Secure our global position
  • Engage our communities
  • Champion social, cultural and economic growth
  • Secure our future sustainability.
Our values
  • Pursuit of excellence – excellence is a given. We strive to be the best – and to do even better next time – across our core research and teaching, along with everything that supports what we do.
  • Ambition and drive – our success is driven by the desire of our staff and students to challenge convention, create something new, and play their part in shaping the future.
  • Enterprising – we’re forward-looking, fast-moving, flexible and free-thinking, quick to explore ideas, to exploit fresh opportunities and to take well-considered risks.
  • Making a difference – we try to show the world what a modern university can do: delivering a service, solving problems and providing sustainability for the community and global society.
  • Community – our lively community encourages and challenges ideas, promotes dignity, respect, health and wellbeing, making Warwick welcoming.
  • Accessible – we’ve always believed in widening participation, in being open, friendly, easy to work with as equal partners and as non‑hierarchical as possible.
  • Global perspective – our cosmopolitan outlook and identity enrich our thinking and inform our quest for global relevance and world-class impact.
  • Independence – we are self-sufficient, unafraid to upset the status quo, to redefine academic parameters and satisfy our appetite for exploration, innovation and leadership.

Find out more about the University's values and vision for the future.

Download a pdf of Essential Warwick 2017 (PDF Document)