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Donald Trump still suspended from Twitter - Social media expert comments

Dr Eric Jensen comments on Twitter's decision to ban a new account which reposted views and opinions 'From the Desk of Donald J Trump.'

He says: "The decision to extend the Twitter ban on former President Trump’s account to include other related accounts is simply applying Twitter’s existing rules in an even handed way. That is, it is not making a special ‘head of state’ exception for Trump in the way that the platform did for much of Trump’s presidency.

"Similarly, Facebook’s decision to extend the ban on Trump’s account for that platform is simply applying their rules to him without making exceptions as they did throughout his presidency.

"As private companies, these platforms are free to establish and enforce reasonable ground rules about acceptable forms of discourse and indeed that is the responsible thing for them to do."

7 May 2021


Sheila Kiggins

Media Relations Manager

University of Warwick

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