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University Challenge 2023 – Meet the University of Warwick team

On Monday, the University of Warwick’s University Challenge team takes on Wolfson College, Cambridge, on their UC debut. The episode will appear on the big screen at the University of Warwick Piazza from 8:30pm, 25/09/23.

Captain, Matthew Bliss
Matthew is a 25-year-old PhD History of Art researcher in his third year, with a keen interest in architecture.
He said: “Appearing on University Challenge was a lifelong ambition come true. Being able to quiz on a national stage with my friends was an absolute joy and the production team made the experience really comfortable. I would encourage anyone with even a small interest in quizzing to give it a go when trials for next year's team open later this term - you know more than you think you do!”

Hobbies and interests: Architectural tourism, live music, reading, quizzing, German food
Song to study to: Struggle for Pleasure – Wim Mertens
Student meal of choice: Chicken piccata in white wine and caper sauce. Or a curry.
Hopes for the future: If academia doesn’t work out something in building conservation
Thing to know about me: I am usually taking the mick in some sense
Fun fact: Despite my best efforts I have never lived more than 50 miles away from my hometown of Solihull.

Abby Akarapongpisakdi
Abby is 24 year old Film Studies student originally from Thailand, who’s just finished her masters.
Hobbies and interests: Golf, Watching all sorts of sports, Music, Asian Cinema
Song to study to: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Sleep
Student meal of choice: I like making an omelette filled with sausages from Tesco, or ready-made pasta.
Hopes for the future: I’m just hoping I get a job I can be happy with; I am particularly unsure what that is now.
Thing to know about me: I can randomly start to talk non-stop and sometimes I may just stop talking, at times, unfortunately, that’s just how I speak.
Fun fact: Binturongs, also known as the bear cat, smell like popcorn.

James Coe
James is in the second year of his PhD studies in Chemistry and is 24 years old.
Hobbies and interests: SCUBA diving, general science, British History and pub quizzes
Song to study to: Whatever it is playing 9000 times on repeat
Student meal of choice: Chilli con carne
Hopes for the future: Job in the science industry, or academia
Thing to know about me: Don’t take anything I say seriously
Fun fact: In 2008 I was the 2nd youngest person in the world to have scaphoid bone graft surgery

Luke Beresford
Luke has graduated since the programme was recorded. He is 22 and completed his studies in Maths this year.
Hobbies and interests: Quizzes, of course, I do as many as I can. I also read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction. I have a love for flags and maps and have a growing collection.
Song to study to: The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Student meal of choice: Tesco stir-fry deals.
Hopes for the future: I’ve just started a job at a major bank, hoping to build a career there.
Thing to know about me: If you even slightly mention something I’m interested in, I will talk your ear off about it
Fun fact: Pub quizzes were my main income for most of sixth form.

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