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The University of Warwick announces a £4 million partnership with power & energy management specialists, TAE Power Solutions

The multi-year, multi-million-pound investment is a strategic partnership between TAE Power Solutions and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) High Value Manufacturing Catapult programme to improve the performance and sustainability of energy storage solutions.

With a UK base in the West Midlands, TAE Power Solutions mission is to bring their technological advantages developed within Fusion power generation into e-mobility to drive forward carbon reduction and sustainability through increased performance for reduced cost.

TAE Power Solutions use their advanced technology to control energy at a modular-level, enabling dynamic, ultra-precise load balancing across individual battery modules. This increases pack longevity, efficiency, fault-tolerance, and repairability, ultimately reducing lifetime costs and delivering lifetime benefits for consumers and OEMs. Left to right: Dave Greenwood, CEO WMG centre HVMC, Kedar Munipella Global CEO TAE, Richard Moore General Manager, E-mobility TAE

The £4 million partnership aims to use the combined expertise of WMG and TAE to develop the firm’s novel power management systems and energy storage technology to unlock benefits for many new applications across the full spectrum of e-mobility and electric transportation.

The focus over the first two years of an ongoing strategic alliance will be to breakdown the challenges faced by traditional battery control systems, ultimately delivering smaller, lighter, more durable, more efficient, and safer battery packs.

The project will also focus on researching topics related to the “4Rs” - reduce, reuse, recycle & recover, to ensure sustainability of the technology is designed in from the beginning, a key issue in the battery manufacturing industry.

Charles Martin, Strategic Partnership Manager at WMG’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult said: “The team at WMG is very honoured and excited to be starting this new research relationship with TAE Power Solutions. This partnership will leverage WMG’s extensive expertise in batteries, power electronics and e-motor technologies to develop TAE’s novel approach to maximising the performance and life from existing and new battery technologies.

“Using WMG’s state of the facilities and working closely with TAE’s experts, the combined team’s goal is to expand the barriers of existing battery performance whilst enhancing the UK’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities.”

Ben Russell, Chief Commercial Officer of TAE commented: “At TAE we are very excited to be working with WMG on this project, enhancing our core engineering research capability and delivering usable, data driven, world class knowledge into the development of our technology creating the world’s best, integrated power systems”.


WMG, University of Warwick - Shaping a sustainable future

An international role model for successful partnerships between academia and industry, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is a department of the University of Warwick.

WMG has a wide range of research teams, with themes covering transport electrification, battery development and manufacturer, sustainable materials, supply chains, digital manufacturing, and automated & autonomous systems. WMG has helped transform organisations and drive innovation in UK manufacturing businesses through a unique combination of collaborative research and development, and pioneering education programmes.

WMG is a founding member of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, leading on Transport Electrification and Connected and Autonomous Mobility.

WMG develops advancements nationally and globally, in applied science, technology and engineering, to deliver real impact for economic growth, society and the environment.

For more information on collaborating with us, contact us via

TAE Power Solutions – Born of Fusion

TAE Power Solutions (pronounced T-A-E) is a proprietary technology platform that is accelerating the transition to an electrified world with a first-of-its-kind energy storage and power delivery system. This technology unlocks a complete clean energy ecosystem, including more affordable and efficient storage; ultrafast charging capabilities; electric vehicle powertrains; peak shaving; buffering; and second life of batteries.

TAE Power Solutions is now adapting the same technology invented to power TAE Technologies’ leading fusion energy program for business-to-business solutions for your car, home, or business.

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