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The University of Warwick launches dual MSc programme with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) marking two years of collaboration

The University of Warwick will launch a new Computer Science programme with the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) this September. This announcement coincides with the second anniversary of the University of Warwick's official twinning with NURE (29 Mar).

Fri 29 Mar 2024, 01:00 | Tags: International, Ukraine

From Warwick to Washington DC: Ukrainian Resilience Documentary tour premiers at the University of Warwick

The University of Warwick hosted the premiere of the first documentary showcasing the resilience and determination of young Ukrainians today, marking the beginning of its international tour.

Thu 14 Mar 2024, 14:51 | Tags: WBS, Ukraine

Ukrainian students at the University of Warwick come together to mark two years since the Russian invasion

A panel discussion will take place on Wednesday 21st February at the University of Warwick to mark two years since the invasion of Ukraine. The event will bring together Ukrainian staff and students along with refugees from the local community.

Mon 19 Feb 2024, 09:53 | Tags: Ukraine

Meet the new Ukrainian Student Society: Treasurer - Anna Kucher

My name is Anna, and I was born and raised in Ukraine.

I spent my early childhood in Kharkiv - east of Ukraine and near Poltava - where my grandparents live. When I turned six, and it was time for me to go to school, my family and I moved to Kyiv, where I then spent the next 11 years of my life completing my secondary education.

Fri 16 Feb 2024, 16:04 | Tags: Ukraine

Meet the new Ukrainian Student Society: President - Dmytro Kunchenko

My name is Dmytro, and I am the President of the Ukrainian Society at the University of Warwick. I am in the second year of my Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree. I am originally from Zaporizhzhia, an industrial city on the Dnipro River in the South of Ukraine, but I used to live in Stoianka, a village just outside of Kyiv, from when I started school until February 2022.

Fri 16 Feb 2024, 15:55 | Tags: Ukraine

Unlocking Ukraine’s Educational Potential: University of Warwick’s Leadership for Educational Transformation continues its journey.

The University of Warwick is gearing up to commence the second module of the Leadership for Educational Transformation Programme for Ukraine, coinciding with the imminent second anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Fri 26 Jan 2024, 09:22 | Tags: Ukraine

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