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Update on the Independent review of student disciplinary process and Joint Council and Senate Advisory Group review of values

This is to update students, staff, alumni and friends of the University on progress on work following the group chat case, and to call for your feedback.

Update on reviews

On 13 February 2019 the University Council announced two parallel work streams - an independent external review of our student disciplinary and appeals process led by Dr Sharon Persaud, and a Joint Council and Senate Advisory Group (“the Joint Group”), led by Deputy Chair of Council, Viki Cooke, to affirm Warwick’s values, review what is and is not acceptable behaviour in our community, and consider how we can encourage positive behaviours.

For the independent review, preparatory groundwork is complete on logistics, collation of evidence, briefing and identification of who Dr Persaud wishes to speak to for further evidence gathering. Those conversations will take place in April.

The Joint Group - including representatives from the Students’ Union, academic and professional services, Council and Senate members and external advisers - has reviewed the scope of its terms of reference, looked at our current published values and agreed their work plan.

Call for your feedback

Alongside consideration of the many comments already shared by members of our community via University channels and social media, the independent review and the Joint Group are keen to listen to what you think.

We have created a secure online space where you can share your views. It is open to all until Friday 3 May 2019.

The online space has been set up with two areas: one to share your experience or perceptions about our student discipline and appeals process, and the other to share thoughts about our current and future values and expected behaviours.

Although it would be helpful to know who you are and your links with Warwick, you can also provide comments anonymously, should you prefer.

Comments will be collated and shared with Dr Persaud and the Joint Group to inform their work.

Next steps

The independent review and Joint Group will form interim recommendations in May, after which they will come together in a joint workshop to share their findings and align their work streams.

The final recommendations will be reported to the University Senate in June and the Council in July with the intention of the final report being shared publicly over the summer.

Further background and questions & answers on the case are available to view online.

We hope you will share your feedback via the online space, and encourage others to do the same.

Rachel Sandby-Thomas, Registrar, and Sharon Tuersley, Secretary to Council

on behalf of Sir David Normington, Chair of Council

Tuesday 2 April 2019