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Venice’s historic canals as never seen before

  • Photography exhibition by Anna Zemella: Algario Veneziano: A Different Look at the Algae of Venice
  • Exhibition takes place 18 June 2016 as a part of ‘Art Night Venezia’
  • Hosted at the University of Warwick’s Venetian palazzo Est: 1967

image.jpgOn 18 June 2016, to celebrate “Art Night Venezia” (Venice’s annual art festival), the University of Warwick (Warwick in Venice) will exhibit work by the Venetian photographer Anna Zemella in a free exhibition entitled, Algario Veneziano: A Different Look at the Algae of Venice.

Visitors to the Art Night exhibition will be invited to view large and medium-sized photographs that explore and capture the ever-changing spectrum of the algae that drift in the Venetian canals and quiet waters of the lagoon – a magical world of elusive shapes, of encounters and partings, of depth and surface. The fickle, colourful swaying of the algae reveals the astonishing potential of nature, as defined by Gilles Clément’s theory of the Third Landscape, one of the sources of inspiration for Zemella’s artistic photography. Visitors will also be able to see a projection of work by video-artist Elisabetta Di Sopra.

Professor Ingrid De Smet, Academic Director of Warwick in Venice, commented: "Our University is delighted to participate once more in the cultural life of our host city and to host this exhibition of vibrant and thought-provoking environmental photographs by Venetian artist Anna Zemelli."

For the University, Anna Zemella’s highly contemporary art evokes not only the vibrant aesthetic of the symbiotic relationship between the city of Venice and its canals, but also reminds us of pressing research questions related to sustainable cities, ecology and conservation, and life sciences.

Anna Zemella’s photography is intrinsically linked to Venice, the city where she lives and works. She has been a member of the historic Circolo Fotografico La Gondola since 2013. Zemella’s photographs express her belief in the need to protect and preserve Venice and its lagoon: her work has thus been published by the local, national and international press, including The Art Newspaper, Il Giornale dell’Arte, Il Corriere della Sera, and La Nuova Venezia.

Founded in 1965, the University of Warwick has risen to become a world-leading institution of higher education and research. It has had a presence in Venice since 1967 when its Department of History, and later its Department of History of Art, brought their students to Venice to study the culture of the Renaissance in-situ. Next autumn, about 100 Warwick students will be taking their “Venice term” at the University’s premises in the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava. Every year, the piano nobile of this elegant, historic building also hosts international conferences, workshops, and specialist vacation schools for students and academics from across the world.

Event details:

Algario Veneziano by Anna Zemella

18 June 2016 18:00 -22:00

Warwick in Venice

Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Cannaregio 3764

Tel.: +39 0415203806



Notes to editors:

Art Night Venezia takes place on 18 June 2016, with more than 100 locations participating including major museums, galleries, attractions, and shops. Venues stay open late into the night. Both private and public spaces open their doors for Art Night Venezia, all of which waive admission fees for the evening. It’s organized by the University Ca’Foscari and the city of Venice.

During Art Night Venezia the entire city has been described as an “open air show” with music performances, poetry readings, and outdoor film screenings.


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