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DSSGx DataFest UK - Closing Celebrations 2021

The DSSGx UK programme is led by the University of Warwick, in collaboration with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and the Munich Centre for Machine Learning. The Datafest will showcase the results of the 12 week summer programme, training data scientists to tackle critical social problems and to deliver data science solutions to a range of third sector and government bodies.

Video Timings

0:00-10:46 The event starts with an introduction from Andy Lockett, Dean of Warwick Business School and Juergen Branke, Programme Director of Warwick DSSGx.

Keynote speaker, Ben Goldacre – Director of The DataLab, University of Oxford, physician, academic and broadcaster.

Title: OpenSAFELY: how we built a fully open source secure analytics platform for 58 million patients' NHS records in six weeks during COVID-19, and why!

45:32-108:51 Short talks about this summer’s projects (see below) by DSSGx participants and mentors.
108:51-End Closing

This year’s summer projects:

Anomaly detection in public procurement: (DNCP)

A predictive model for reference prices of goods and services procured by Paraguay’s National Department for Public Contracting (DNCP), in order to trigger alerts about possible corruption.

Mapping the world's offline population: (ITU)

A project with the International Telecommunication Union and Unicef to identify local areas with a large offline population. These can then be prioritised when connecting schools to the internet, creating important community hubs.

Improving economic forecasts in times of crises: (BMWi)

Forecasting the regional unemployment rate, including at times of national or international shock, to allow the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) a more targeted economic support.

Prioritising environmental complaints: (SMA)

A system to help the Superintendency of the Environment in Chile to analyse their citizen’s environmental complaints, to identify those that require more pressing action and possible sanctions.

DSSGx UK is a chapter of the DSSG Foundation and the summer projects programme is proud to be supported by the following partners

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