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Warwick & The Alan Turing Academic Liaisons

A big thank you and welcome.

We would like to thank Professor Ioannis Kosmidis and the Department of Statistics for their support. Ioannis has led Warwick's Data Science (DS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) community over the last two years, ensuring the close alignment of Warwick to the substantial restructuring and priorities review of The Alan Turing Institute and, more broadly, the future of the national DS and AI landscape.

Ioannis has ensured Warwick's Turing Fellows and Warwick's overall DS and AI community have remained a leading presence at the Turing, delivered a significant impact for Warwick in his role as Turing University Lead and Academic Liaison, and cemented Warwick's role as an institute working at the forefront of DS and AI and as a vital member and collaborator to The Alan Turing Institute.

In parallel to his duties as a Turing University Lead and Turing Liaison (Academic), Ioannis directed Turing's Theory and Methods Challenge Fortnights in DS and AI, which continue to grow as a substantial activity of The Alan Turing Institute for national and international engagement in cutting-edge foundational research. We wish him the very best in his future goals.

Professor Ioannis Kosmidis
Professor Graham Cormode

The Turing Liaison Academic lead

We would like to welcome Professor Graham Cormode, who previously held the role of Turing University Lead and will now take up The Turing Liaison Academic lead role at Warwick with the full support of the Department of Computer Science.

Graham brings a wealth of knowledge of leading Data Science and AI research and commercial experience to ensure Warwick’s founding links in the National Data Science and AI landscape as we forge new collaborations through the Turing and University Networks enabling wider reaching academic partnerships, aligned to cross disciplinary themes and programmes and the priority areas and partnerships through T2.0 as it evolves.

Warwick is renowned for delivering high impact Data Science and AI research through a university wide reaching community and Graham will lead Warwick’s academic commitment into 2025.