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Video Hub

This page is a work in progress and is incomplete!

This page lists all of the Warwick RSE video material. We cover a range of things, in all sorts of programming languages, from a beginner level to some really quite advanced materials. This page is a just a listing, so we don't recommend using it unless you're looking for a specific video. If you're looking for a workshop, or trying to decide what to look at next, try our main training page or our decider page.

If you want short (10-30 minutes) chats on a whole eclectic range of topics, check out our Mini-Seminars series hereLink opens in a new window.

Note: You might need to manually select the video quality for the slides/code to be readable, especially if your internet connection is slow or congested. All streams are available in at least 480p. If you would like a copy of the slides, a transcript, or a downloadable version of the videos, please email rse{@}

Stand Alone Videos

Who we are and why we make videos - opens in a new window

Software From the Ground Up Series

Starting to code from a blank editor - Wordle Live Code opens in a new window

Supplementary Videos

These videos are those we produce as add-ons for courses or workshops. We try to list the prerequisites that we assume, but we might not get everything. These videos may not make complete sense without the associated course, but should be helpful.

Inside The Computer or How Things Actually Work

What's the Call stack or how do functions actually work? opens in a new window

What is an ABI (Application Binary Interface) and why should you care? opens in a new window


These assume familiarity with Fortran up to conditionals, functions, loops etc.

What's a Module and how do I write one - opens in a new window

Reading the Standards Document, or how to find out what a line of code will actually do. opens in a new window

What is an Interface block and how do I write and use them - opens in a new window



Taught Course Materials

This section re-lists all of our current versions of taught courses (where freely available) and workshops. We recommend getting to these via the workshop pages, but provide this listing for completeness. Please don't expect them to make much sense unless you're coming from a link in our training pages! A few of these are also specific to Warwick staff and students - if you're not at Warwick, they may not apply.