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Apprentice Profile: Tom Moore

Tom Moore

What does your work involve?

Working with the pool of WMG technicians means the range of work assigned to me can vary greatly - from research and development of experimental components/processes to providing tours and training students.

When did you join Warwick?

I started my role as a Modern Engineering Apprentice in September 2016 at the age of 16, completing my first year of my BTEC National Diploma and a range of PEO’s.

What qualifications and roles did you have before this?

As a student at the WMG Academy for Young Engineers I completed a range of Cambridge Nationals in Engineering. Then as an Apprentice at WMG I completed my BTEC National Diploma in Engineering.

What training and development have you received at Warwick?

As an innovation centre WMG aims to maximise the capability of its work force. This means training is given in any area which could benefit the employee. This could be through the Apprentice Levy, private training companies or from colleagues. As an apprentice I found that other employees will give as much time as they can to make sure the knowledge is passed on, and make sure processes are followed correctly and safely.

What are your future plans?

In the future I would like to obtain my BEng degree via the route of an AEP, as well as achieve my Chartered Engineer membership. I would like to continue working across WMG to get an understanding of how different areas operate to make me a well-rounded Engineer.

What have you enjoyed about your apprenticeship?

As an Apprentice at WMG we get to explore different parts of the engineering world, from research to production. I also get to work alongside world leading academic, research and technical support staff, I really like the diverse range of people we get to meet at the University. This has really helped me to further my communication skills. The management staff for technical services really challenge the technicians to learn new skills and keep expanding their knowledge. This is reflected in staff morale too.