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Warwick Technician Commitment Award for Outstanding Achievement

We are pleased to launch the quarterly Warwick Technician Commitment Award for Outstanding Achievement. This celebrates the fantastic work our technical staff do across research, teaching and within our infrastructure, without which Warwick would not operate.

We encourage any member of staff or student to nominate a technical member of staff for achievements big or small, or to celebrate work that is unsung but still immensely important.

Nominations can be made at any time. Four times a year we will select awardees from the nominations received. These individuals will receive a certificate and vouchers to celebrate their achievements.

Alongside this, twice a year we will welcome nominations for team awards. The expectation is that a team will have worked on a common goal to achieve success. The team will receive our Team Trophy, and will be rewarded with a congratulatory team lunch at the conference centres on campus.

We have provided eligibility, guidance and further information below the nomination form, but if you have any questions, please contact

To Nominate:

Use the form below to nominate. Individual (and team) nomination cut-off dates are listed, with any nominations missing a cut-off automatically carried into the next period for assessment.

  • 12th May 2023 for July Awards (team also)
  • 25th August 2023 for September Awards
  • 17th November 2023 for December Awards (team also)
  • 16th February 2024 for March Awards
Privacy notice

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Eligibility, Guidance and Further Information


  • No self-nominations are allowed. Line managers are able to nominate their own teams.
  • The nominee must be a member of staff at the time of award presentation.
  • Nomination can be for a single body of work or multiple (potentially smaller) bodies of work.
  • A nominee can only receive an individual award a maximum once per year, with further nominations being recognised via a letter from the Technician Commitment Steering Committee Chair.
  • A team can only receive the team award a maximum of once per year, with further nominations being recognised via a letter from the Technician Commitment Steering Committee Chair.


  • Only evidence included in the nomination will be taken into consideration, and the guidelines given on the submission form must be adhered to for the nomination to be valid.
  • The decision of the judging panel is final.
  • Individual awards will run quarterly, with team awards every 6 months.
  • Awards cannot be exchanged for any alternative.

Further information

  • Awards will be selected by a panel that includes technical, academic and professional services staff drawn from a range of departments. Panel membership will be diverse (gender, career stage) and the technical representation will be regularly rotated to provide a variety of outlooks.
  • Panellists will not input into discussions regarding nominees from their own department.
  • We will have coverage of the nominees via social media and on the TechNet website, to enhance the recognition and visibility of our technical staff, in line with our Technician Commitment Action Plan.