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PRF Profile: Fengzai Tang

Job Title: Test Facility Engineer at WMG

Royal Microscopical Society (RMS, UK): Member; Fellow

As an experienced electron microscopist, I manage a number of systems in the WMG microscopy centre, including the flagship transmission electron microscope, to support teaching and research activities across the Department. The Royal Microscopical Society is a renowned organisation with a long history across microscopy society. I am honoured to be a member and then a fellow. RMS not only organises/sponsors a number of conferences and workshops each year, but also provides publications of the Journal of Microscopy and infocus Magazine. Being associated with the RMS provides me with the opportunity to broadening my own professional network and keeping me updated on scientific and technological advances in the field. The knowledge and skills gained allow me to continually develop in my role. My professional RMS membership funded through the PRF is of significant benefit to my specialist role in WMG and I would strongly encourage colleagues in a similar position to apply for this.