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Technician Led Outreach Demonstrators

Note: Deadline for applications is 10th February 2023

We are looking for technical staff or teams to design, build and exhibit outreach demonstrator pieces to inspire young people and the public, and also help highlight the skills a technical career utilises. The demonstrators will be used both on campus and at high profile events such as national science festivals. We have been provided Research Culture funds to support both the materials and costs of making the demonstrators, and also travel and subsistence costs to enable technical staff to visit schools or events.

What we are looking for:

  • Demonstrator units that are interactive and can be used in a range of outreach activities, either demonstrating an aspect of STEM, or highlighting an aspect of what technical staff do.
  • The demonstrators would need to be reusable, safe and have the ability to be displayed/interacted with in a public area.
  • Examples of themes are given to the right, but we are also keen to have ideas beyond these and enough funds to support a range of demonstrators.

Why apply?

  • You will help inspire the next generation of technical staff and help gain visibility for the work of technicians in your Department. The demonstrators may be placed in prime locations on site to maximise their exposure when not in use.
  • It will provide you/members of your team with evidence of bid writing, budgeting, creative thinking and project management for personal development.
  • We will help promote the recognition and visibility of the individuals/teams who create the demonstrators, displaying the information on webpages and as physical displays next to the demonstration units.
  • We can supply support, advice and feedback on designs from the outreach teams in WMG, Physics and Chemistry, with outreach training also available (note technical staff from any department can apply, not just those related to these outreach teams).

Process and funds:

We have funds to create up to 8 demonstrator exhibition pieces and to allow travel to events or schools for technical staff. The interactive demonstrators can be around any appropriate STEM theme that would inspire young people and/or demonstrate what being in a technical role involves. Applications can be from individuals or teams and cross departmental teams are encouraged. To apply we need:

  • An outline and background detail of what the exhibition piece demonstrates and how people can interact with the demonstrator. Expectations are 1 page of detail including any diagrams or schematics.
  • A budget for both the consumables/parts required to construct the demonstrator (including VAT).
  • A short paragraph and signature of line manager support for time to work on the project.

The submissions will go to a panel made up of technical staff and outreach specialists, who will both make decisions on which of the demonstrator units will be funded and potentially work collaboratively with the technical staff/teams to refine the design where necessary.

Please apply here!Link opens in a new window


  • Submissions due by 10th February 2023
  • Outcome communicated by 24th February 2023
  • Projects can commence from 27th February 2023
  • Projects to be completed by 31st May 2023

For further information or to discuss potential ideas for submission, please contact Ian Hancox, 

Example themes for demonstrators

As part of national science festival activities, there is a project called “From Solar power to horsepower”. Therefore, three potential demonstrators would be required around:

  • solar energy/panels
  • batteries
  • (electric) engines

Another potential project is looking at an 'invention' theme, which could include radio communications (ie radar, 5G, autonomous vehicles), trains and jet engines (celebrating local heroes like Frank Whittle).

Apply buttonLink opens in a new windowFor further information or to discuss potential ideas for submission, please contact Ian Hancox,