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Facilities and Technician Showcase

22nd May 2019, Physics Concourse and PLT

We will be showcasing the wide variety of facilities available at Warwick and the fantastic work our technical staff do through a series of short talks and a networking poster session.

Coffee and cake will be provided in the network session, so please register to attend here to help with catering!

The showcase is aimed at any researchers (Masters to PI) that wish to find out the latest developments in technology and what our technical staff are working on, technical staff who wish to see what happens in other departments and anyone who is interested more generally in the sciences at Warwick.


Time  Session Location
2.30 pm

Short talks:

  • Introduction to the event
  • Helena Coker - CAMDU (Computing and Advanced Microscopy Development Unit), who we are, what we do and can offer.
  • Marc Walker - An Introduction to the X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Facility
  • Lesley Harvey-Smith - Explaining fume cupboards and microbiology cabinets, uses and abuses.
  • Paul Hadlum - Materials testing and characterisation
3.00 pm Poster and Networking Session, refreshments served Physics Concourse
3.30 pm

Short talks:

  • Dan Lester - The Polymer Characterisation RTP, polymer and materials analysis.
  • Sarah Bennett - The WISB Research Technology Facility
  • Dinu Iuga - High-Field Solid State NMR Facility
  • Andrew Bottrill - The RTP proteomics facility; roles of staff, project design, facility operation, data dissemination.
4.00 pm Poster and Networking Session, refreshments served Physics Concourse
4.30 pm Close  

Find the Physics Concourse and PLT here.


Register here to attend or present.

For further information, please contact:

Information for Presenters

Posters - A0 or A1 format - please put posters up before the short talk session begins.

Talks - 5 minutes maximum as PowerPoint or PDF. Please upload your presentation 15 minutes before the session begins.

There is a 5 slide maximum To encourage collaboration we would suggest up to 3 slides on what you do/facility does/recent project, 1 slide on what would be useful to access or collaborate on, and 1 slide on how to contact and work with you.