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Job Families

Technical Staff- career pathway Brochure

Statement of Intent

The working group will consider roles in technical grades across the University with a view to ensuring consistency across Departments and in order to provide a transparent route for career progression. The proposal will provide technical staff with the information they require to consider their future career pathway and with the tools they need to develop the skills and experience required to enable career progression. Discussion on development and career progression will remain part of the annual PDR process.

Whilst the University is committed to developing all staff, it also acknowledges that there are staff who may not wish to progress their careers further at this time. There remains a need in all areas to provide a structure that supports the goals and business needs of the Department/School and this may not always provide career progression opportunities within the current role. It is possible that those seeking career progression may consider a move to a different role in their existing Department or within another University Department.

It is important to note that the intention is to map current and existing job profiles and roles onto a job family framework and is not intended to result in a regrading exercise for technical staff.

Terms of Reference

To establish a transparent and fair framework to enable equality of opportunity for the career development and progression of the Technician group through to Level 9.

To map out a framework that signposts individuals to the most appropriate route for their chosen career progression and to highlight development opportunities that exist.

To develop, agree and implement a suite of Technician Job family profiles and role descriptors to enable this, encompassing the wide range of current roles across the University through the following process:

• Develop a resource containing a range of existing related job descriptions and role profiles together, where possible, with those of similar Universities and industry partners
• Review and collate existing and common factors into one profile for each grading level on the University framework
• Use, where possible, external accreditation to ensure parity with national standards
• Illustrate and review the career path and hierarchy of the technician group
• Finalise a set of draft role profiles and specialist roles and seek feedback on these through consultation
• Undertake benchmarking of role profiles using an appropriate benchmarking methodology
• Identify a development programme and accreditation opportunities to enable the career development pathway
• Consult with Trades Unions and other relevant parties on the establishment and implementation of the process
• Implement and review