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Warwick Commission meetings and launch

Warwick Commission launch report in Geneva

On Thursday 6th December, the Warwick Commission launched their report 'The Multilateral Trading System; Which Way Forward?' at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

This first report of the Warwick Commission is the result of a 10 month investigation by a team of 18 commissioners from around the world. The result is a thought-provoking report which reflects the thorough debate had by these experts on the future of the world trade system.

Warwick Commission in Delhi

In October, the Warwick Commission travelled to New Delhi where Indian trade experts, policy makers and business leaders were invited to discuss Indian priorities for the world trade system. At a Plenary Conference hosted by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nigel Thrift, keynote speaker Shri Anwarul Hoda spoke about India’s experiences of the multilateral trading system.

Warwick Commission in Toronto

In June 2007, the Warwick Commisison held it's first overeas meeting in Toronto, Canada. During the two-day session, the Commission considered evidence from 250 trade experts from around the globe who have submitted their views on the current state of the world trade system.

Introducing the Warwick Commission

The first meeting of the Warwick Commission was held at the University of Warwick in February 2007. This inaugral meeting set out the objectives of the Commission and identified the key issues to be addressed during the year-long investigation into the future of the trade system.

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