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EU Committee call on expertise of Warwick Commission

The European Union Committee have called upon members of the Warwick Commission to give evidence as part of an inquiry into European Trade Policy.

Professor Richard Higgott, Director of the Warwick Commission and Professor Simon Evenett will attend the House of Lords on Tuesday 3 June to give evidence to Baroness Cohen and other members of the Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, and International Trade.

The Commissioners will be asked to outline the challenges facing the Multilateral Trade Regime as identified in the Warwick Commission report; “The Multilateral Trade Regime: Which Way Forward?”.

They will also be asked to comment on the relationship between current trade rules and fairness, justice and development; the Dispute Settlement Mechanism; EU Preferential Trade Agreements; Special and Differential Treatment; and Aid for Trade.

The evidence session will be held in public and a verbatim transcript will be published along with the Report and on the Parliamentary website. Audio coverage will also be available on after the event.

You can read and download the full report of the Warwick Commission online