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Alternative Exam Arrangements

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs) are reasonable adjustments made to an examination where the standard exam arrangements put you at a substantial disadvantage because of a physical or mental impairment, specific learning difficulty or health condition. This page is a resource for students who are either in discussion with Wellbeing Support Services regarding additional support, or are considering making an appointment with regards to ongoing issues/concerns.

The below dates are deadlines for requesting consideration of AEAs for all students (with the exception of MBChB students) at the University, regardless of examination type (i.e., online or in-person).


2022/23 AEA Deadlines - All Students
Exam Period AEA Deadline
December 2022


Thursday 10th November 2022 - 16:00 GMT

January 2023
March 2023
April 2023


Thursday 2nd March 2023 - 16:00 GMT

May 2023
Summer and Summer DA 2023
Resits and Deferrals 2023 Monday 24th July 2023 - 16:00 BST


If you are unable to meet the above deadline(s), the University will not normally grant AEAs for any requests related to circumstances which are not unexpected and could reasonably have been anticipated. In these circumstances, students are advised to notify their departments of such circumstances and may be required to follow the mitigating circumstances procedure in accordance with the University policy.