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External Examiner Report: Evision Guidance

As part of their role, all external examiners are required to submit an annual report on a standard web-based pro forma. If an external examiner has both undergraduate and postgraduate taught responsibilities, two annual reports are required per academic year.


Your annual report must be submitted via Evision. Reports submitted via other platforms will not be considered by the University. Leading up to your first report submission, login details and guidance on how to activate your Evision account will be communicated to you. In years 2-4 of your appointment, you will be sent an email confirming that Evision is open for reports 4-6 weeks prior to the submission deadline.


This page is intended as a guide to creating, completing, and submitting your report in Evision. Along with the guidance, we have also provided links to Evision and the External Examiners' Handbook.

Completing your Annual Report in Evision - Guidance

    The first step to creating your report is accessing the Evision system. To do this, please visit the following link:

  opens in a new window


    In the below screen, enter the following information:

    Warwick University ID
    Your EEX ID Password: *

    *this will be the most recent password you have created for your Evision account.


    If you have forgotten or not yet set-up your password, please refer to the ‘Setting and resetting your password in Evision’ document for guidance.


    Once entered, click the ‘Log in >>’ button to access Evision.

    Once signed in, you will be directed to the Evision homepage, where two tabs hold information
    relevant to your appointment: ‘My Reports’ and My Details:


    My Reports


    The ‘My Reports’ screen provides an overview of all the annual reports that are required from you for throughout your external examiner appointment, including the due dates and report status. This screen also includes your appointed department and the courses each report is intended to cover.


    My Details


    The ‘My Details’ screen provides an overview of the personal information we have on file for you. This ranges from your name and title to your current professional position and institution. Details are also displayed in this tab for your current contact and email addresses along with the start and
    expected end date of your term.

    If updates are required to your personal details, please contact the Examinations Team at


    The first step of creating your report is to click the ‘Create Report’ button from the ‘My Reports’ tab. There are four report statuses: not due, due, submitted and department annotated. Those that list ‘department annotated’ refer to submitted reports that have received departmental comments.

    Once the ‘Create Report’ button is clicked, the External Examiner Report page will appear. For the purposes of this guide, this screen will be separate into two: ‘Appointment Details’ and ‘External Examiners Report Index’


    Appointment Details


    At the top of the page your appointment details for the report you’re submitting will be listed. This will include the department you are appointed to, the academic year and due date for the report, the current submission status and a list of courses the report is relating to.


    External Examiners Report Index


    Further down the page is the External Examiners Report Index. This splits your annual external examiner report into eight sections. For each section, there is a colour-coded icon that indicates the progress made:


    • Not started (red)
    • Started but not yet complete (yellow)
    • Complete (green)


    The ‘submit’ button will only become available once all sections are complete . If you experience any issues with sections not saving your progress, do not continue with the report and contact the Examinations Team at

    The above sections can be completed in any order. Once a section is selected, the screen will display a list of questions that are a mixture of opened and closed questions.



    The above is an example taken from the ‘Programme Information’ section. All questions that are starred with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Those that include a list of predetermined options are highlighted in pink and provide a comment box for additional remarks. For some questions, your response may require more information to be provided, in which case the comment box will turn gold and will require completion:



    When completing the sections, progress can be saved at any time and you can return to a section later to make amendments or complete additional questions. Incomplete sections are identified by the ‘in progress icon’ (yellow).


    Once a section is complete, the tile will turn green and the completed section will be identified by the ‘complete’ icon (green).


    Completed sections can still be accessed and amendments made, if required. If you wish to leave the report and return to it at a later date, click the ‘back’ button at the bottom of the External Examiners Report Index screen and log out of Evision. To continue the report, access Evision and select the ‘Edit Report’ button from the My Reports screen.

    Once all sections are complete and you are ready to submit the report, click the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the External Examiners Report Index screen.


    Upon submission, in the ‘My Reports’ screen the ‘Report Submission Status’ will change to ‘Submitted’ and the icon displayed under the ‘Status’ column will display as ‘in progress’ (yellow). In addition, an icon will display under the PDF column to indicate your report is available to view/download.



    Submitted reports are immediately shared with nominated members of staff from your appointed department, including the Head of Department/School, notifying them of the submission and asking for their comments.


    Once the University has commented on your report, the ‘Report Submission Status’ will change to ‘Department Annotated’ and the ‘Status’ will update to ‘complete’ . At this stage, you are able to download your report (via the icon) and view the comments submitted by the department.


    If you experience any issues in accessing Evision that cannot be resolved using this guide, please ensure you contact the Examinations Team via email at, quoting your External Examiner ID.