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External Examiner - Setting and Resetting your Evision Password

As part of their role, all external examiners are required to submit an annual report on a standard web-based pro forma. If an external examiner has both undergraduate and postgraduate taught responsibilities, two annual reports are required per academic year.

The annual report must be submitted via Evision. Reports submitted via other platforms will not be considered by the University. Upon being appointed to your role, you will receive login details for Evision and these will be sent to you again each year four weeks prior to your report submission deadline(s).

This page is intended as a guide for external examiners who wish to:

(a) set up their Evision account for the first time; or

(b) have forgotten their password and require a password reset

Setting and Resetting your Evision Password

    The first step to setting/resetting your Evision password is to access the Evision system via the following link:

    The login screen will appear (see below). Please enter the following information:

    Warwick University ID*
    Your EEX ID Password: **

    *please enter your ID that begins with 'EX'
    **this will be the most recent password you have created for your Evision account

    Once entered, click the "Log in >>" button and you should be taken through to your Evision homepage. If you need to request a new password, please proceed to Step Two.

    To set/reset your password, in the login screen (see below), please enter your Warwick University ID (this begins with 'EX') and click the "Request Password" button:

    This should take you through to a screen which asks for your Warwick University ID, family name and date of birth (see below). Please ensure you enter the following information:

    Warwick University ID Enter your External Examiner ID*
    Family Name Enter your surname
    Date of Birth Enter your date of birth**

    *Your 'External Examiner ID' begins with 'EX'

    **If we did not have your date of birth at the point of your nomination, we would have requested this from you. If you are unsure whether we have your date of birth on record, please contact

    In the below example, we have used the generic example of EX00000 for the External Examiner ID and have included generic values for the family name and date of birth information.

    Once each of the above fields have been populated, click the 'Go' button.

    Successful Password Reset

    If the above steps have been successful, the following message will appear:

    The system will create a temporary password which will be sent to the email address we have on record for you. Next time you log in to Evision, you will be asked to change this password to one of your own choosing.

    Unsuccessful Password Reset

    If unsuccessful, the screen will revert to the login page and the following error message will appear:

    Troubleshooting Messages

    It is possible that you will receive a troubleshooting message which indicates your account is 'invalid' (see below). If you receive any invalid error notification, please contact the Examinations Team at


    If you experience any issues in accessing Evision that cannot be resolved using this guide, please ensure you contact the Examinations Team via email at, quoting your External Examiner ID.