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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


The University of Warwick has (along with other UK universities) now implemented the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for its undergraduate students.

Students at all stages of study may access their Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). This acts as a cumulative, formative record until a student graduates, at which stage it is finalised and becomes the formal official record of study, including module marks and degree classification (and which replaces the previous student "transcript").

The HEAR is issued as an electronic document via the independent company GradIntel and as well as including details of academic achievement will also provide information about your programme of study and approved additional achievements you may have undertaken while at Warwick. You be able to give third parties such as potential employers access to your HEAR. It will also be possible for you to print hard copies if required. It is intended that the information provided on the HEAR will prove useful both to graduates entering the job market and to employers. Further information about the HEAR is available at

At this time of year, we receive many queries from students regarding when their HEAR will be available to them. Final-year undergraduates please note that your complete, finalised HEAR will normally not be available until mid/late August in the year of graduation, following validation and recording of your academic data (including module results recorded by the relevant academic department(s)) and the coding of data for Section 6.1 (the approved "Additional Information" section). (Please note that this is the same schedule as was in place for the old academic transcript in previous years). Degree and module results only, however, will be made available via your HEAR earlier than this where possible, the Section 6.1 data then to be completed in mid/late August.

The HEAR replaces the previous hard-copy academic transcript. The electronic HEAR is delivered online through the third-party service called GradIntel, and we will therefore need to share your data with Gradintel so that they can provide you with access to your HEAR. To ensure that you have access to your HEAR when it is issued, the first step will be to register with GradIntel. All students will receive an email to your University account which will provide further details of the GradIntel registration process. You need take no further action until you receive this email.


Data protection

Please note that the University of Warwick will share your data with GradIntel only for the purposes of producing the HEAR and making it available to you electronically. GradIntel makes available to registered students other services which may be of interest, such as the option to prepare and submit applications for advertised employment opportunities, and to share your HEAR with employers. Such services are entirely optional, and you may choose which, if any, opportunities you wish to pursue further, and no data will be passed to employers without your permission. Following initial registration with the GradIntel service, you can specify the ways in which you would like to be notified of opportunities and opt out of communications if you wish.