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#10 - Create a module handbook in your Moodle Module Space

  1. Many years ago each department would create a printed course, or even module, handbook, containing key information, assessment instructions and rules, background info etc.
  2. Moodle has to a great extent replaced this, however, the printed book's simplicity may sometimes be lost within the complexity and interactivity of a very active Moodle Module Space.
  3. We can still ensure that we have the simplicity of the printed handbook by re-creating it as a Moodle Book.
Solution overview

You can create a detailed, week-by-week, account of what will happen in a module, as a Moodle Book. This has its own contents list and navigation, and can be printed or downloaded. The Moodle Book will be copied each year, when a new version of the Moodle Module Space is created as part of the annual roll-over process.

  1. First of all check with your department to see if there is a common format that you should use for this.
  2. If you are using the Moodle Book approach, you need to add it to one of your sections, but you can also create a link to it in the intro section of the module's home page in Moodle. Make it prominent so that students know it is there.
  3. Add pages to the book, just like a real book.