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#1 - Add a careers section to your Moodle Module Space

  1. Students don't think about careers until it is too late.
  2. Students might not make connections between what they are learning and the workplace.
  3. Small "nudges" can make a big difference to student behaviour if they are made at the right time and with the legitimacy that comes from being part of formal learning activities.
A solution

You might add in an extra section to the home page, or a full page in itself. If possible, you could even add an extra topic to each weekly section, encouraging students to think about connections between what they have studied and careers. Add video interviews with industry experts and alumni. Talk to your careers advisor for ideas on what to include.

The process
  1. Check with your department to see if there are any guidelines to follow and existing content you can use - talk to your Careers Advisor as well.
  2. Work with students to identify how to make the most impact with students and to meet their needs.
  3. You can easily add videos from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo. You might be able to find content from professionals and professional bodies that illustrates connections between your module and the workplace.