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#25 - Live-stream a lecture online

  1. Participants are anywhere in the world and cannot get to the university.

  2. You want to retain the live feel of a traditional lecture.
  3. Fit more easily into the schedules of busy people.

Solution overview

Before committing to this, you should first consider combining a recorded lecture with a live Q&A session.

Allow people to watch and listen to a lecture as it is happening, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. They can also give feedback and ask questions from a text-based channel. Live lectures may be presented using videoconferencing tools (such as that built into Teams), however the number of participants is limited (250 for Teams).

Echo360 live streaming may be used for much larger numbers of participants. Talk to AV Services for advice. You may also want to restrict access to the lecture to a specific group of students, or invitees.

Use the Vevox personal response system to allow students to respond to questions and give feedback through their own computers, tablets and phones. See recipe 26 for more details on this.

  1. How many participants? If a smaller group (maximum 250) you will be able to do this using videoconferencing tools such as that built into Teams.
  2. If you have a larger group (over 250), then contact AV Services for advice on using Echo 360 Live Streaming.