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#23 - Include an expert in a lecture or seminar using videoconferencing

  1. Increasingly we want to help students to make connections between the classroom and the workplace, other universities, or social settings beyond academia.
  2. There are many logistical challenges when getting students to learn about real world applications and workplaces.
  3. In many industries, videoconferencing is normal, and experts are entirely comfortable with joining a remote event for a short time.
Solution overview

Videoconferencing can be done reliably and at scale, meaning that whole rooms full of students can interact with the person on the screen. The Starleaf system, which can be booked from the IT Services AV team, is the best solution for this. We also recommend using a Catchbox throwable microphone, to allow students anywhere in the room to join the discussion - this also aids with managing the flow of the discussion. Videoconferences can also be recorded using Echo 360 lecture capture (many teaching rooms are equipped with this), so that students can rewatch and reflect on the discussion later.

  1. Contact AV Services for guidance and support, and to request access to the required software and hardware.