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#37 - Share and review content and ideas using online polling

  1. Do you work with distributed teams who do not meet together often?
  2. Do you have little or no time to get student feedback in class, so need to get their opinions outside of class?
  3. Use an online collaboration space in which you can share content (e.g. Word documents) and poll participants for their opinions.
Solution overview

Microsoft Teams, Warwick's collaboration platform, provides a simple mechanism for polling called Polly. You can share a document or a description of an idea, into a Teams channel, and then run a poll using Polly to get feedback on it. This could be used with a team of teachers, or with students to get their design input. You can use the Microsoft Teams notifications system to alert team members to the new poll. Unless they have notifications switched off, they will see an alert message appear on their computer/tablet/phone (whichever platforms they use for Teams). This increases response rate, but use the power wisely.

  1. If you haven't done so already, set up a space in Microsoft Teams. Every member of the University has access to Teams, and can create a team space. You can add any member of the University to your team, as well as people from outside of the University. For example, create a team space for your teaching team, add them as members, and create a channel called "Proposed module content". Discuss content in the Conversation tab. Upload documents, and use Polly to get your team to vote on the content.
  2. You will see the Polly parrot symbol in the editing options at the bottom of a discussion thread in a channel.
  3. Simply click on the parrot and follow the instructions.