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#38 - Short online video introduction or summary

  1. Face-to-face teaching time is precious, and should be used as efficiently as possible.
  2. Explain key concepts (especially threshold concepts), demonstrate techniques, provide introductions and summaries to topics, to ensure that all of your students are better prepared to learn in class.
  3. Use short videos to support students' independent study, and to help them feel more comfortable with less contact time when they are away from class.
Solution overview

Create short videos to introduce a module or topic, or to give guidance on an activity. Mobile phones have good cameras, and often excellent noise cancelling microphones. You can record and edit using software such as iMovie (iPhone), or you can record directly into the eStream app. Upload into eStream, and embed into a Moodle Module Space. Students can also do this.

  1. Find a quiet space with good sound quality (soft furnishings help soften the sound). Avoid rooms with harsh echo.
  2. Get familiar with the tools you are going to use (follow the links in the tools section below). A mobile phone tripod or stand is useful, or work out how you can prop-up your phone so that it stays steady. Consider filming directly into eStream for short, simple videos.
  3. Write a script, or a short treatment (plan), and practice - get a friend to give you advice on your performance if you are new to this.
  4. Record and if necessary edit.
  5. Upload to eStream, and then embed into Moodle using the eStream button in the Moodle editor.