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#45 - Use your Moodle Module Space in class to contextualise learning and explain how it all joins together

  1. Students, especially new students, may not be adequately prepared to learn when they come to a teaching session. We can model the behaviour we expect from them, by showing the process of finding and interpreting key information on Moodle.
  2. Complicated or unfamiliar learning designs may need to be explained, by doing this through Moodle, students have a written explanation that they can refer back to.
  3. Students can feel lost and without a sense of purpose, anchor your teaching in the learning design as presented in the Moodle Module Space.
Solution overview

At the start of an in-class session, or at some other appropriate point in time, show pages from Moodle on the main screen, so as to help students to see how they can independently use the online materials to support their learning. Link this to the activities they are doing in class. Use online information (text, diagrams etc.) to help the students to contextualise in-class learning.

  1. Prepare your Moodle Module Space so that session descriptions etc. are simply described in a clear, consistent, common format, that will work well on the classroom's main screen.
  2. Show, and go through this information briefly at the start of each session - you might even get a student to do this for the class.
  3. Use tools like Vevox to get instant feedback from the students.