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#46 - Videoconference in lectures

  1. Students often do not get to see and understand the real-world applications of what they are learning about, or the problems that we need to respond to with academic research.

  2. There are often high costs and complicated processes involved in getting external speakers to come into the university.

  3. We have limited teaching time available for including diverse perspectives in the classroom.

Solution overview

Bring an expert into your lecture - for example, an alumnus who is working in a field related to what you are teaching. You can run an effective videoconference in a lecture using the Starleaf system (request setup from IT Services). A specialist microphone and camera is used to enable 2 way communications. You can combine this with the Catchbox throwable mic to easily allow students to interact with the online participants. Can also be recorded using Echo 360 Lecture Capture.

  1. Contact AV Services for guidance and support, and to request access to the required software and hardware.