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#56 - Create, complete and reflect on task lists in MyPortfolio

  1. Students not being systematic about planning and doing work.

  2. Students not reflecting on completed work and how they worked.

  3. Help students get into the habit of planning a series of tasks, recording their progress, and reflecting on their actions.
Solution overview

MyPortfolio contains a simple planning tool. The student can create a "plan", and add a series of tasks to it. Tasks have a title, description and due date/time. These lists may also then be incorporated into portfolio pages, meaning that the student can write about the tasks as they create them, work on them, and complete them. You can create template pages that contain task lists and prompts to reflection. You might add tasks to the task list, or leave the planning completely to the students to do. This is a good way to introduce the approach to students, and then later expect them to create their own pages and task lists without using a template.

  1. You create the template pages, containing task lists and prompts to reflection, within your own MyPortfolio first.
  2. If using a collection, you will need to create the template collection within your own MyPortfolio pages to begin with.
    1. If you are creating standalone pages, not within a collection, create them providing just the right amount of structure to guide the students in completing the pages as you want them to, but leaving enough flexibility for them to be creative and individual.
    2. Create the collection, if needed and add the pages to that.
  3. You could create a Group in MyPortfolio, including all of the students you want to give the template collection to.
  4. When editing the collection/page, select the Share option, and share it with the group you created in step 3.
  5. Create a Secret Url, and give that url to your students. They can use it to go to your template collection/page and make their own copy of it