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#57 - Film student presentations, get the students to watch and reflect

  1. Students focus too much on the product and not enough on the process

  2. Students not reflecting on completed work

Solution overview

When faced with the difficult challenge of presenting their work live, students will often focus entirely on the product and getting past the event. Once completed, they may not reflect on their process or their learning - so missing out on vital parts of the learning process. We can alleviate this by filming the presentations for the student's own use. You could get the students to do the filming. If the room is equipped with automated Echo 360 Lecture Capture, you can use that. Or contact the AV team at IT Services for advice. Videos can be uploaded into eStream, and embedded into Moodle. You might encourage the students to embed their video into a MyPortfolio page, and write a reflective account of their learning.

  1. See the information about Echo 360 Lecture Capture in the Tools section.